Every year, usually in May/June, we hold a six-a-side tournament for players from the six Premier squads. Players from each squad are divided into two groups of seven in age order with the older boys playing in the ‘Senior’ teams, the younger boys in the ‘Juniors’ and this division is strictly by date of birth.


The Senior and Junior teams play all the other teams in their respective groups on a league basis and on the same day.  Two pitches are set up one for the Senior teams the other for the Juniors.

 The two groups are regarded as separate competitions and medals are awarded to teams finishing in the first three places.  The six-a-side competition has always been a very enjoyable and closely contested event with the results generally being in doubt up to and including the last games.

This tournament is well worth coming along to watch because with the league and Cup games having been concluded the boys can be more relaxed and enjoy a day of friendly rivalry and being a different kind of game the players often display considerable skill and exhibit some exceptional and entertaining talents.