New Addington Little Little was founded back in 1977 so that local children could have the opportunity to play football in a friendly and cheerful environment.  Our league is for both boys and girls that take an interest in football and want to play.


Our League:

We aim to make sure that the players are not just picked solely for thier ability but for who they are and that they are given the opportunity to play as they are guaranteed at least half a game as teams make substitutions.  Players in our league are not instantly replaced unless their commitments change or for a disciplinary reason, which is rare.

Our league is set-up in three different ways, we have a Bantams team where boys and girls from the age of 5-7 years old get training once a week and can then come and play on a Saturday morning normally 12 kick-off.  Then there is the six Academy League teams for 8-9 year olds who play 7-a-side matches.  We also have a six Premier League teams for 10-13 year olds who play 11-a-side matches.  Each team in the Academy League are associated with a team in the Premier League which gives the children continuity. This gives the children of at least a minimum of five years guaranteed football more if they join the Bantams first.  We have found over the years that our players by the time that they reach 13 years old that they have managed to get in a Sunday football team or into a football academy.

The season starts in September and is played in two halves as this gives all the teams involved in the league to have a chance to show what they are capable of, with a play-off between the two winners for an overall League winner.  We also have Cup competitions between all six teams where they are put into a group of three and the winner of the groups they go to a final to get the overall winner.  We also have a Six-a-Side tournament for the Premier players that happens after the season has finished.

We have a Kieran Sabine Trophy event, it is designed to try and give the new players a taste of what the league is like before the league season kicks-off it also allows them to get to know their new team mates.  The event follows the same format as the Cup games where they are divided into two groups of three to then try and get into the final.

In May or June we have our league trails for any children wishing to join our league where they have to attend as many of the trials as possible to be eligible for selection.  Within a few days of the final trial the children are told whether they have been successful or not.  We try to make sure everyone can get a team but if they are not they do get put onto a reserve waiting list and are put into one of our teams at the first opportunity that arises.