The Bantams came into being following a conversation between a former member and another dog walker when the subject of footballing opportunities for young children was raised.  The direct result of this brief chat was that a training session was held for about five or six children, including the grandson of man with the dog.  All the children were under the age of 8 years and it was a session which they greatly enjoyed.  The word of this and following training sessions quickly spread and they became a regular weekly feature and eventually, because of the ages and numbers involved, it became necessary to split the group into two separate sessions.

At first training bibs were used to differentiate the teams but some of the parents succeeded in obtaining new kits, one from the Royal Mail and the second from the Patrons of the Randall Tavern.  In addition Addington Palace F.C. donated some second hand kits which were still in good condition so the Bantams are now smartly turned out for their Saturday games.

How Bantams is Run

Bantams is a mixture of boys and girls from the age five to seven years old who wish to start getting into football where it isn’t taking on a serious level of competitiveness and want to enjoy playing to get to know the game.

They have a training session during the week for one hour and depending on the age of the child it would be the early or late slot they attend and then they are invited up to the field on a Saturday morning normally midday to have a game of football just between themselves which is seen as a friendly match.  They have also got a new kit in which to play in due to a player from the Jack Petchey Awards donating his money to provide it for them.