Jack Petchey was born in 1925 and was brought up in the East End of London with few luxuries.  He left school to work in an office for twelve shillings and six pence (62.5p) per week.  After the war jack setup his own car hire business which developed into car sales – by 1959 jack was selling nearly 20 cars per week and had over 40 hire cars on the road.

By 1969 Jack Petchey had branched out into property development and through this became a leading entrepreneur and one of the most successful business men in Britain.  Jack is still actively involved in many businesses and charitable enterprises.

The Jack Petchey Foundation was formed in 1999 and since then over £88 million has been given to youth programmes.

“Extreme endeavour and to help young people to help themselves”

The foundation operates an Achievement Award Scheme in over 2000 schools and clubs throughout all London Boroughs and in 2006 our league was accepted as a club member.

Every year we can nominate 6 young people aged between 11 and 25 for an Achievement Award and anyone can put forward a name for consideration; nomination forms are available in the refreshment room.  We can also nominate one adult every year for a Leader Award.

The only requirement is that the person being nominated must have done something for the benefit of the league.